Frequently Asked Questions about the W. Eugene Smith Grant

Can students apply?
Yes. Students are eligible to apply for the Smith Fund Grant and there is a special price for students of $1. Please see the student application information here.

Do I apply for the Howard Chapnick Grant through this website
Yes. A new fee of $25 USD is applicable from 2018 onward. This fee can be paid through this application website. You will be directed to a google form to submit your proposal after paying the fee here.Please see the Chapnick application information here.

Can collectives apply?
No. Group submissions or collectives are not eligible to apply for the Smith Grant.

Can non-professional photographers apply?
Yes. You do not need to be a professional documentary photographer or photojournalist to apply for the Smith Fund Grant.

Is there any age restriction for applicants?

Can I submit my application by mail?
No, the Smith Fund does not accept applications by regular mail. The initial application is online only.

Must my project have already been started?
Yes, your project as described in the Summary and the Project Proposal, must be ongoing and the images submitted should be from this ongoing body of work.

When will I be notified of the outcome of the Smith Fund Grant?
We will send an email notification on August 1st to all applicants as to the outcome of the first stage of the jurying process.

Does the Smith Fund offer guidance or commentary on the proposals?
No. The Smith Fund receives some 200 submissions each year. With only a volunteer staff the Smith fund cannot advise or offer feedback on submissions or proposals.

Can I submit multiple applications for different projects?
No. Individuals can submit only one proposal.

My Project Summary, Project Proposal, Bio and/or C/V is longer than the length stated in the guidelines. Can I still submit it/them?
We strongly encourage applicants to meet the stated requirements.

What format should I save my digital images?
You should submit JPEG images saved with max quality compression with a long dimension of at least 2000 pixels at 72ppi with either Adobe1998, sRGB or untagged color space.

Can I enter if I live outside of the U.S.?
Yes. Except where prohibited by law, international applications can be submitted.

Will my images be sold?
No. You retain copyright to your photograph and the Sponsors may not sell your photo entry for a fee. Grant recipient photos may be used in connection with the Smith Grant and promotion of the grant.

Do you still have questions?
For additional questions email: